1. Legal basis:

– Law on fire protection 2001 amended in 2013;

– Decree 19/2016 / ND-CP on gas trading;

– Decree 79/2014 / ND-CP stipulates the business lines that require a fire prevention and fighting certificate.


2. A dossier of application for a fire prevention and fighting license:
An application for a certificate of satisfaction of fire prevention and fighting conditions (made according to a set form);
A copy of the “fire prevention and fighting appraisal and approval certificate” and a written test of fire prevention and fighting acceptance for the newly built or renovated facility or motorized means of transport with special requirements on protection. ensure fire prevention and fighting safety when newly built or converted or copies of inspection records on fire prevention and fighting safety for facilities and other motorized vehicles
A list of fire safety and firefighting equipment and facilities already equipped (according to set form);
Fire-fighting plan;
The decision to establish the grassroots fire prevention and fighting team is enclosed with a list of people who have been trained in fire prevention and fighting.

Place of issue: Head office of Provincial / City Police Department Fire Prevention and Fighting Department.

Licensing time: 20-30 working days from the date of submitting valid application.


3. The industries need to apply for fire protection certificate

Based on Decree 79/2014 / ND-CP stipulating the industries that need to apply for fire protection certificate as follows:

Academy, university, college, secondary school, vocational school, high school and education center; kindergartens and preschools;
Hospitals, sanatoriums, medical centers, other medical examination and treatment facilities;
Convention centers, theaters, cultural houses, cinemas, circuses, indoor sports competition houses, outdoor stadiums; dancing halls, crowded entertainment and recreation service establishments, other public facilities;
Storage facilities, museums, libraries, historical sites, other cultural works, fair houses and exhibitions;
Solid markets, semi-solid markets, trade centers, supermarkets, and department stores;
Radio and television broadcasting facilities; post and telecommunications facilities;
Command, moderation, administration and control centers of all fields;
Airport, seaport; inland port exporting and importing flammable goods and materials; ship landing waiting for guests; passenger car terminals, parking lots for cars, motorcycles and mopeds; garages for cars, motorcycles and mopeds; railway passenger stations, railway cargo stations of grade IV or higher;
Apartment buildings, multi-function houses, hotels, guest houses, motels;
Headquarters of state administrative agencies, working offices, research facilities;
Pit for coal mining, pit for exploiting other combustible minerals, underground traffic works; constructions in bunkers with activities of producing, preserving and using inflammables and explosives;
Nuclear facility; radiation facility; explosive production facilities; establishments exploiting, processing, producing, transporting, trading in, using and preserving petroleum, petroleum products and gas; industrial production establishments, production and processing of other goods with fire, explosion hazard classes A, B, C, D and E;
Warehouse of weapons, explosives and combat gears; oil and gas product depots, gas depots; explosive materials import and export port, petroleum and petroleum products export port, gas import and export port;
Petrol and oil shops having at least 1 pumping column; gas stores with a total gas reserve of 70 kg or more;
Power plants, transformer stations;
Ship building and repairing plant; aircraft repair and maintenance factory;
Warehouses of flammable goods or materials or non-flammable goods and materials in flammable packages; yards of flammable goods and supplies.

4. Establishments and means required to apply for fire prevention and fighting permits

The following facilities and facilities, before being put into operation, need to apply for fire prevention and fighting permits:

Houses, hotels, offices, offices for rent with a height of 7 floors or more;
Establishments producing and processing petroleum, liquefied gas and flammable chemicals, explosives, of all sizes;
Establishments manufacturing, processing, supplying, preserving and using industrial explosives.
Petroleum depots with a total capacity of 500 m3 or more, liquefied gas depots with a total gas weight of 600 kg or more;
Stores trading in petroleum, liquefied gas;
Solid or semi-solid markets with a total business area of ​​1200 m2 or more or with 300 business households or more, shopping malls, supermarkets, department stores with a total area of ​​stalls of 300 m2 or more up or having a total volume of 1,000 m3 or more;
Thermal power plants with a capacity of 100,000 KW or more, hydroelectric plants with a capacity of 20,000 KW or more, transformer stations of 220 KV or higher;
Motorized vehicles of 4 seats or more, motorized vehicles transporting substances and goods at risk of fire and explosion.